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Pet Owners Describe The Strangest Things Their Pets Have Eaten (And Digested...)

Updated July 1, 2019 9.1k views22 items

All pet owners love their animal companions, but not everyone loves the pets that ate something they shouldn't have. If you were constantly that close to the ground, you might find yourself tempted to eat things just lying around as well. The weirdest things pets have eaten range from human foods to inanimate items, some of which they consume again shortly after pooping it out. Apparently, pets also follow a "waste not, want not" way of living. Call it the pet equivalent to recycling if you will, but these pets understand nothing remains of- limits when it comes to their appetite. Or perhaps these little buggers saw another human eat something strange, and got the wrong idea.

According to a Reddit thread where pet owners describe the strange things their pets have eaten, these pets consumed some particularly strange items. A few incidents sparked a few hilarious pet disasters, but luckily, all the companions mentioned in these stories survived their strange meal experiences. 

  • Maybe Their Dog Was Trying To Tell Them Something

    From Yoschwa:

    "An entire month of my wife's birth control pills. And he was a male dog. When the vet stopped laughing, she said watch him for any weird reactions, but he never had any.

    He ate an ovulation detector kit a few years later, so I'm not sure if he wanted us to have kids or not."

  • At Least The Aftermath Was Pretty

    From Shloop_Shloop_Splat:

    "An entire box of giant glitter crayons. The sh*t in the yard was fabulous for awhile."

  • Perhaps This Dog Was Feeling A Bit Stiff

    From __coach__:

    "A full bottle of motor oil. Found out my dog ate it when he sh*t out a piece of the bottle."

  • Some Dogs Have Stomachs Of Steel

    From -eDgAR-:

    "Although I had a dog myself, this one happened to my friend's dog, a Golden Retriever named Happy. Happy was a really friendly, and lovable dog, but he also had the habit of eating things that he should not eat.

    One day he managed to eat a razor blade, which they found out he had done this after he had passed it one day. My friend and his family were worried, he might have internal damage, so they took him to the vet. They did an x-ray and the vet said everything seemed okay."

    Somehow Happy had managed to swallow a razor blade, have it go through his digestive system and not do any real damage to his body. I've always thought that was amazing.