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The Most Insane Pet Products for Crazy Owners

Updated April 15, 2019 65.0k views10 items

Pets are a reflection of their owners and a lot of times, that reflection is terrifying. From dolling up their cats with wigs to giving puppies a Twitter account to wearing matching Snuggies, domestication can be taken to another level in some cases. In the market for an automatic dog scratcher so that you don't have to take time out of your busy schedule to pet that needy pup? How about a rig so that you can take your gold fish for a walk it definitely won't remember?

Here are the most ridiculous pet products people have bought.

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    An Accessory for Your Dog's Twitter Account

    The life of a dog is really interesting. So interesting that it has to try and do something to tell the world exactly how it feels. With Puppy Tweets, a $30 device manufactured by Mattel, dogs all over the world can finally have their barks deciphered by wearing the nifty device on their collar.

    Because that's all they've ever really wanted: a heavy object hanging from their already tight collar and a social media presence. Yes, this product is real.

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    The Dog Snuggie

    Worried that evolution has completely forgotten about dogs and that you'll have to solve their "lack of adequate fur coat" problem? Well, look no further than the Dog Snuggie. There's nothing that a hairy, evolutionarily adequate creature needs more than extra heat! Provide this for your dog, if you really love them, by getting them a fleece muumuu.

    It is available in four different sizes and in two different colors. 

  • Photo: AnnaLuciaKoerner / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 3.0

    A Dog Washing/Traumatization Machine

    Nothing says "I love you" more to your pets than throwing them into a loud, dark enclosed space with water pouring over them for the first half of 30 minutes - and then wind-blowing them. Yes, washing dogs and cats can be annoying - but treating them like dirty laundry may be considered extreme.

    French entrepreneur Romain Jarry, however, disagrees, with his Dog-O-Matic that has already gained popularity in his home town city of St. Max. He insists that the dogs "just sit there and they come out clean" and hopes that the washing machine will soon become available everywhere in England.

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    Sparkling Water Just for Dogs

    Everyone knows that dogs have a refined palate. Australian pet company Pets Palace is selling a line of sparkling mineral water for dogs by the name of Bellaqua. It's $32 for a four-pack and each bottle is crafted out of handmade crystal and topped with white and blue jewels.