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10 Fan Theories And Predictions For 'Pet Sematary'

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While Stephen King fans patiently wait for the new Pet Sematary adaptation, we've gathered the best Pet Sematary fan theories and predictions. Starring Jason Clarke and John Lithgow, the Paramount film is likely to surprise and terrify viewers in the best possible way. It's not entirely clear how closely the new film will mirror the book, but many people have interesting theories and bold predictions for Pet Sematary.

As soon as the Pet Sematary trailers went viral, horror fans quickly began analyzing screenshots, hunting for clues, and trying to connect any dots they could find. When Pet Sematary hits theaters on April 5, 2019, we can finally see how many of those fan theories and predictions turned out right.

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    Church Lures Ellie To Her Death

    Photo: Pet Sematary / Paramount

    Following the release of the second trailer for Pet Semetary 2019, Redditor Gato1486 shared happiness about Church's role in the film. The contributor also thinks the new film will feature a big change. Specifically, the user predicts Church will lure Ellie to her death. The situation won't be an accident. They believe

    They've done very right by Churchill. In the original he comes back and is instantly evil. In the book, he comes back, but unsettles the characters, though they can't put their finger on why. I love that they used him to lure Ellie to her apparent death here. I never really liked how Gage was able to outrun both his parents and get on the road in both the book and [first adaptation]. He's two. Realistically, he's not going to be very far from either parent's reach because of that. Ellie, being the older child expected to stay close to her parents and follow them, is a much more realistic target for the event that happens.

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    It Will Set Up A Stephen King Cinematic Universe

    Photo: Pet Sematary / Paramount Pictures

    Stephen King fans on Twitter seem to think Pet Sematary will launch a cinematic universe for the author. Not only are many of King's stories connected through dense mythology, but a lot of the tales take place in Maine, just like the new film. 

    When you see Pet Sematary in the theater, keep an eye out for any connective tissue between the film and other Stephen King's works. 

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    There Will Be A Lot Of Information On The Lore And Mysticism

    Photo: Twitter

    While replying to a Twitter thread about what he thinks is going to happen in the upcoming adaptation of Pet Sematary, Twitter user Javier von Count mentioned the film might delve deeply into the mythology surrounding the Micmac burial ground. This is actually a pretty good idea.

    That explanation might help explain exactly what's happening with the Creed family. Additionally, the second trailer for the film features a book that includes the Wendigo and other folklore, so this theory is pretty accurate.

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    Norma Crandall Will Make An Appearance

    Photo: Pet Sematary / Paramount

    Norma Crandall, Jud's wife, didn't appear in the 1989 adaptation of Pet Sematary, but stories about the woman play a very large part in the book's finale. Multiple people online combed over the new movie's trailer, though. They conclude that Norma will at least play a small role in the film. 

    The first trailer actually includes a shot of an elderly woman rocking back and forth in a chair. Online theorists believe the lady is Norma, but she could just as easily be Rachel's sister, Zelda. 

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