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Graveyard Shift
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Real Burial Grounds And Locations That Could Have Inspired 'Pet Sematary'

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Paramount's 2019 Pet Sematary is a fresh and petrifying adaptation of one of Stephen King's stellar novels. In the movie, which received an April 5, 2019 debut date, the Creed family moves into a lovely house next to an extremely busy road. The traffic way isn't the most foreboding thing about the new property, though. In fact, the Creed's land also holds a pet cemetery and a sinister, reanimating burial ground. Humans and animals plunged into the cursed dirt return to the land of the living, but they don't come back the same. 

The Pet Sematary film makes death seem a little more supernatural, but there are many real cemeteries and burial grounds with eerie backstories too. 

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