16 Pet-Sitter Horror Stories  

Mick Jacobs
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When people agree to watch a friend or family member's pet, they typically rejoice at the chance to have a companion without the extra costs and responsibilities. That is until they encounter their first pet-sitting horror story - a stern reminder that pets come with as much hassle as they do unrequited love.

Though hardly as horrifying as tales of pets who turn on their owners, terrible stories from pet sitters demonstrate that at the end of the day, pets are animals with minds of their own. They eat strange things, they fail to come when they're called, and, if you're really unlucky, they ruin your furniture. The wild pet-sitter stories below include all these things and more. Sometimes man's best friend decides to take matters into their own paws.

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He Just Wanted To Help

From Redditor /u/NHMassh*le:

This dog I was watching got into the garbage when I was sleeping upstairs. Here is what happened (in what I am assuming was chronological order).

He got into the trash. Ate food. Then felt bad and tried to take the bag outside. The bag gets caught in the doggy door. He’s now trapped inside and can’t puke or poop outside. He does both.


The dog has a guilt problem and will try to ahem “clean up his messes” by eating them. From what I gathered by the various and several sh*t/vomit mixed combos in the house, he must have done this 6-8 times. It was a vicious cycle...

I found him hiding in the bathtub, and he didn’t leave for the whole day.

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Bad Dog, Worse Judgment

From Redditor /u/prustage:

Took a friend's dog on a trip to Stonehenge, England - a drive of about 100 miles. When we returned to the car, I dropped my car keys and the dog picked them up in his mouth and ran off across the Salisbury Plain.

Chased the dog for nearly an hour, then finally found him - without the car keys! Stayed there 'til it was dark following the dog round trying to see where he had dropped or buried them without success. In the end, I had to abandon the car and thumb a lift home (this was before mobile phones). Nice couple drove us 95 of the 100 miles back then just as we were arriving home the dog simultaneously threw up and took a crap on the back seat.

We were thrown out at that point and walked the rest of the way in the dark. It was about 3:00 am.

Later, I had to pay to have the car fixed and brought back and got a bill from the nice couple for valeting their car.

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Did You Agree To Manage A Menagerie?

From Redditor /u/RecyclableRaccoon:

My friend had a dozen animals. Her bunnies from hell roamed the basement. Apparently they are huuuuge [biters]. Her free-range budgies [birds] pooped on everything and everyone. Open the closet to get a garbage bag = surprise! It's a sugarglider climbing up your arm. What a cute turtle - ah, my finger! Hey there, little guinea pig! Thanks for peeing on me.

That was a fun week.

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Welcome Home!

From Redditor /u/I-heart-naps:

My friend was dog sitting for some people for a couple of weeks. The owners came home, and my friend was talking to them about how it went. The dog came up and threw up a bloody tampon right at the feet of the owner. She was absolutely mortified.

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