16 Pet-Sitter Horror Stories  

Mick Jacobs
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When people agree to watch a friend or family member's pet, they typically rejoice at the chance to have a companion without the extra costs and responsibilities. That is until they encounter their first pet-sitting horror story - a stern reminder that pets come with as much hassle as they do unrequited love.

Though hardly as horrifying as tales of pets who turn on their owners, terrible stories from pet sitters demonstrate that at the end of the day, pets are animals with minds of their own. They eat strange things, they fail to come when they're called, and, if you're really unlucky, they ruin your furniture. The wild pet-sitter stories below include all these things and more. Sometimes man's best friend decides to take matters into their own paws.

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A Swim In The Mississippi

From Redditor /u/gretchenrosss:

I was watching my roommate's dog Penny for the weekend. I remembered him showing me a video of Penny playing in the river, so I walk her over to the river and let her off the leash... and off she goes! Just swims straight in to the middle of the Mississippi River (yeah, I'm an idiot). So I start calling her back to me and she starts heading back, and every time she got 10 feet away, she'd turn around and swim away.

Finally, I got into the gross city river water and realize the river is full of large sharp, uneven rocks, which is probably why Penny would turn away.

Dealing with these rocks, I fell fully into the Mississippi River myself. Then a tourist river boat glides by and everyone is gawking at this soaking wet, chubby white girl yelling "Pennnnnny!" at a dog swimming in the middle of the Mississippi..

We eventually got her out (about a quarter-mile down from where we started).

Then we took the walk of shame back to my place and had my friend hose us down in the backyard.

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Get That Dog A Treat

From Redditor /u/Gogsta_x:

I was once looking after my grandparents' dog. It was about 2 am and I was about to go to sleep. I climbed into bed and laid there and, after literally a split second, I hear the dog barking. I got up to go tell it to be quiet when it turns out someone was trying to pick the door lock or some sh*t.

So after some awkward eye contact with this guy, he ran.

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Poor Boy Just Hates Storms

From Redditor /u/biochemicalcricket:

I sat for a family with a rescue lab. When he was adopted he was already named Thunder.... for his pathologic fear of thunder. He was a big boy so they usually medicated him before storms, but my stories are the two mistakes.

The family hadn't realized the storm was coming so I arrived to a panicked dog charging around shaking. Trying to corral him in the basement where it was quieter lead to a brief reprieve, but then there was a nearby strike. Thunder jumped up and charged up the stairs and headbutted the door hard enough to crack it and force the door open. Poor guy only wanted to be held between the claps.

The other story also involves the same dog but I was babysitting for their children as well. This time he was medicated accidentally. The mother had misread the paper and given him medication to calm him on the wrong day. This lead to a drugged up pup with no anxiety to keep him moving. I had to separate the kids from him because when they told him to shake he'd slide to the floor trying to be on one paw.

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The Dogs Weren't Their Only Company

From Redditor /u/xosomeblonde:

I was pet sitting and I swear there was someone in the house while I was there.

The woman told me to just stay in one room, and I never questioned it and only stayed in that part of the house. At one point I heard noises and the dogs were barking at the other half of the house and it was just terrifying! I was on the floor with a knife talking to my boyfriend who was trying to talk me down.

I was freaked the f*ck out and did two more jobs after that (ones I'd already signed up for) and then never did it again. It really messed with my head and made me feel so unsafe and vulnerable and paranoid.

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