This Photographer Shared A Series Of Unretouched Photos To Show Acne Is Totally Normal

Photographer Peter DeVito’s work is inspired by the body positivity movement, but he brings awareness to a completely different issue - acne positivity. DeVito's acne portraits have gone viral, shining a spotlight on his work and normalizing acne in the process. 

The photographer was motivated by the "lack of visibility for people who struggle with acne” in social media. He said

"I was really inspired because a lot of people on social media started posting things about body positivity and self-acceptance, but I felt like there was an absence of people with acne." 

That's why he took matters into his own hands. DeVito started by taking close up acne pictures of his own face and using stickers to write phrases like “acne is normal” on his breakouts. After posting the shots on Instagram, Devito confessed, "I felt relieved. I don't know why this huge weight was on my shoulder[s].”  

Now the series features images of DeVito, his mother, models, influencers, and ordinary people. It gained international attention and inspired people everywhere to be more comfortable with their imperfections. Devito couldn't be happier; he wanted his message to resonate with everyone who struggles with self confidence. 

These photographs will make you feel that much more confident in your own skin.