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This Man Actually Went To Trial For Being A Werewolf - And Was Convicted

Updated 30 Sep 2019 13.4k views12 items

Legends of werewolves have long persisted around the world, but few people in history have ever been actually accused of being one. Even fewer people in the history of werewolfery have ever been killed for their violent canine ways. One such person is the werewolf of Bedburg, Peter Stumpp. This man was the subject of the first werewolf trial known to history, and his crimes, confession, and execution are enough to make anyone's blood run cold.

This serial killer claimed he was a werewolf way back in the 1500s in Europe. He claimed to have practiced the dark arts, transformed into an animal, supposedly killed over twenty people, and even claimed to have eaten them on numerous occasions. Upon finding this out, the townspeople decided he should be put to death. But was he really a werewolf?

Given the information we have, it's hard to tell. What we can be sure of is that the whole trial and report of the crimes are some seriously messed up stuff!

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