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20+ Hilarious Pets Who Had No Idea You'd Be Home This Early

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If you ever wonder what your furry friends do while you're out of the house, these funny photos of pets caught off-guard might give you a little insight. When mommy and/or daddy leaves home, many hysterical cats and dogs put themselves into compromising positions that make you wonder if that obedience school diploma came with a receipt. These funny pictures of pets who didn't know you'd be home early shows four-legged friends are much more creative than you think when it comes to entertaining themselves while alone in the house.

So if you'd rather keep your image of your innocent little fur-ball intact, then shield your eyes, because it's about to get a little frisky up in here. Get ready to see animals raising the roof, shredding the cushions, and getting their freak on as they remind you of the importance of always remembering to knock first, even on the doggy door. 

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    Wanna Join?

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    Actually, This Is Great Exercise

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    Giddy Up, Good Boy!

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    Ending Spot's Dreams Of Sneaky Online Shopping Sprees

    Photo: Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY
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