The Cutest Presidential Pets

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Do you know the names of presidential cats and dogs that were White House pets? So you think you've got a pretty solid knowledge of United States history, including but not limited to some of the more popular US presidents? Well, no matter how impressive your history trivia skills are, we’re willing to bet you still might learn a fascinating fact or two as you look below for some furry fun with the following collection of presidential pets. While you may be familiar with first family pets such as Bo, the first dog of the Obama family or even Socks, the Clintons’ infamously mischievous first feline, we’ve pulled together a collection of pets of US presidents, some of which go all the way back to the dog houses of America’s earliest leaders.

As you’ll see as you scroll through the list below, America’s history of pets in the White House is just as beautifully random as the good old USA itself. For instance, can you guess which first family was given a raccoon, which though intended to be eaten, quickly won their hearts and became a favorite pet around the White House?

Here you’ll find a collection of some of the most adorable, spunky, and colorful US presidential pets to ever be best buddies of some of the nation’s greatest leaders. From presidential ponies to herds of sheep who were hired to be the official mowers of the White House lawn, you’ll meet some of the cutest animals ever to grace our nation’s capital.