Gifs 37 Pets Who Don't Understand Glass Surfaces  

Ashley Reign
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Ever notice how one of the things you just can’t help but love about animals is their constant sense of wonder? Here we’ve compiled a collection of cute GIFs of pets and animals discovering one of the wonders of the modern world: glass. As you’ll see however, the joy comes not so much from watching them interact with the strange, see through surfaces before them, but in their total lack of comprehension of them. So check out these cats on glass and cute animals and pets who don’t understand glass surfaces.
We’ve gathered a collection of dogs that have no idea why their treats have suddenly decided to stop and hang suspended in midair and cats on glass tables that don’t understand why their floating toys aren’t yielding to their usual bats. There are also a couple of larger fur-balls (like bears and lions and stuff) who are just as mystified by the glass barriers that present real inconveniences when it comes to making contact with the tasty looking kids standing outside their habitats at the zoo.
So lets visit this group of irresistible animals and pets who just don’t understand glass surfaces. Not only will this list make you smile, it’s a great one to have around the next time you’re having an off-day. Sometimes it’s just nice to know you’re not the only one who has to take a minute to fully comprehend the complexities of life.
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