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25 Animals Who Don't Know How Big They've Gotten

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Though many pet owners are slow to admit it in order to avoid cat lady stereotypes, who among us can honestly deny that our pets are totally our babies? So it stands to reason that along the journey of furparenthood, we’re likely to catch ourselves at times doing things that only other furparents would understand. Take the baby picture for instance - a cherished item of parents everywhere. While many of us do indeed hold dear baby pictures of our furry little friends, these parents of pets that got big went the extra mile by creating adorable baby vs. grown-up photos of their pets.

Here you’ll find everything from adorable pictures of cute pets that don't know they grew up to recreations of classic childhood pictures of pets and their boys and girls. Prepare yourself to start snapping photos for your own furry little buddy’s photo album after you get a load of the following adorable family photos of pets before and after they’ve grown.

So get ready for a laugh as you browse through everything from baby turtles who grew into full-grown tortoises that would put the ninja turtles to shame, to fuzzy baby corgis who insist they’ve outgrown their own beds but now happen to fit perfectly into yours. Whether you’re a shameless cat fan or team dog all the way, you’re sure to leave with a smile on your face as you see some of the most adorable baby animals around and the proud grown-up pets they became.

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    No Matter How Big, They'll Always Be Your Baby

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    Best Friends Forever

    Photo: u/rainbowchimp / Reddit
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    No Matter How He May Grow, Spy Corgi Will Always Be There Spying

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    This Little Man's Regrets About Getting The Big Bed Have Finally Faded

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