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13 Adorable Pets Who Are Sad to See You Go

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Does your pet seem to have a sixth sense that engages every time you even think of packing a suitcase? Has your cat or dog perfected the big-eyed sad face that haunts you throughout your workday? Or maybe your furry companions barely ever leave your side in fear that you might leave for work and never come home again. Unfortunately, our pets can't speak human, and it's really hard to explain to your fluffy little friend what "BRB" means.

These sad pets have perfected the art of the guilt trip, and are here to demonstrate skills so impressive that you’ll feel guilty for ever planning to leave them. You’ll see some of the best sad pet tricks ever caught on film such as the “sad eye,” “the lonely window stare,” and of course, the dreaded “too distraught to make eye contact” technique. You’ll watch as cats throw themselves over suitcases, and dogs' eyes follow their fur-parents to the car, begging them to reconsider a trip to the grocery store.

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    'No. Just Go. Remember Me Fondly.'

    Photo: u/DangerNGrayce / Reddit
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    'Wait! Can't We Talk About This?'

    Photo: u/Chaddcl0ps / Reddit
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    'Nothing Good Ever Follows The Jingle Of Keys.'

    Photo: u/jimbobilly81 / Reddit
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    'But... Who Will I Cuddle With?'

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