Pettiest Reasons Bands Broke Up

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Some of the greatest bands in music history called it quits at the height of their fame - sometimes because the band legitimately didn't work anymore, and others because of a petty dispute that caused a rift between members. The Police, for example, disbanded because of creative differences, whereas the Everly Brothers split up over a disagreement regarding when it was appropriate to over-consume alcohol.

When it comes to bands with a heavy history of petty behavior, their ultimate demise is unsurprising. And questions like, "Why did Oasis break-up?" are far easier to answer than "Why did Simon & Garfunkel break-up?" given the latter's reputation for being best-selling folk-rock heroes. The shock that comes with the untimely end of bands who seem to be steadily climbing their way to success leads to questions like, "Why did Rage Against the Machine break-up?" and "Why did the Smiths break-up?" 

From cake-smashing to palm-tree-climbing, it's safe to say no one does petty quite like rock and roll.