17 Stories Of Petty Revenge That Are Surprisingly Satisfying

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Some people choose the “high road,” while others just choose to get even. These stories of sweet, sweet revenge are equal parts petty and satisfying. So, be sure to vote up the best stories. 

Some posts have been edited for length and clarity. All posts come courtesy of r/pettyrevenge.

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    Eating The Wrong Lunch On Purpose

    From Redditor u/[deleted]:

    I’m a lab manager. I do research and also make sure the lab runs smoothly. A girl there gives me a hard time. She’s: Rich girl at work. Friends with the CEO. Has a laser on the back of my head and snitching on my supervisor for every mistake I make. Yells at other employees. 

    I get a meal subscription because I’m a new mom and don’t have time to cook. One day I was a little behind on work and decided to finish it and have a late lunch. So I go to get it, and it’s nowhere to be found. I looked everywhere. Then I noticed the empty box in the trash. Someone ate it. It’s a small office. It wouldn’t be hard to find this person. The lady I mentioned earlier asked me “Well, did it have your name on it?” I said no, but it clearly wasn’t a community food item. She smiled and said “whoops”. 

    I was so angry that I had to leave early. The next day, I went into the lab and noticed a pile of boxes in the storage area of the lab. I asked someone about it. Turns out she was saving them as shipments came in because her boyfriend (poor soul) was moving in with her. One by one, I sliced up the boxes with a box cutter and put them in the recycle bin. Later during the week she was asking around about where her boxes went. When she got to me, I asked, “Did you have your name on them?”

    Edit: her reaction was “wow seriously?” And she stomped off somewhere.


    TL;DR: An annoying co-worker ate my lunch because I didn't have my name on it. I noticed she was saving all these boxes for an upcoming move. I decided to slice all the boxes up and put them in the recycler. When she asked me about her boxes, all I said was, “did they have your name on them?”

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    Hired At A New Job

    From Redditor u/pinkladyapples07:

    I have a close family friend who I grew up alongside. We had an intense rivalry when we were kids, and he looooved to make fun of me. One of his favourite insults was to call me stupid, and make me feel super incompetent. 

    I remember a particular gathering when I was in year 7 when I jokingly confessed that I messed up a math test. He then spent the rest of the evening telling everyone at this gathering that he was a straight A student and that I “was a failure.” (Verbatim) He made digs about me being an idiot routinely for years and at one point it genuinely affected my self esteem. ANYWAY, our families grew apart, I got older and stopped seeing him for several years. 

    Last week though, I went to his sisters wedding and our families were talking. His mother mentioned that he applied for clerkships at the top tier law firms in our city (We’re both law students btw) and he was rejected by them all. Everyone else then tried to console him (he was visibly irritated by this) and commented things like “oh it’s really competitive, hardly anyone gets in these days”. 

    I didn’t say anything but then his mother asked me if I was working and I said yes and then she asked where. At first, I contemplated saying something like “oh just a place in the city” but then I decided it was too good an opportunity to pass up so instead I chose to look him straight in the face and name one of the firms he was rejected from. 

    Everyone went silent for a minute and I can’t explain how satisfying it was to see the astonished look on his face. (Just to clarify though - I don’t think grades or a fancy job are a measure of intelligence or a persons worth at all - but he definitely does and it was just a really petty win for me cause the guy was a total jack*ss)


    TL;DR: A close family friend I grew up with has always belittled me and called me dumb. We grew apart eventually, but recently we were at the same family event. His mom mentioned how he'd applied to a bunch of law firms and got rejected from them all. Then, she asked me if I was working anywhere. I responded yes, and mentioned one of the law firms he'd been rejected from.

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    There's No Reserving Lockers On His Watch

    From Redditor u/wild*ssedguess:

    The town in which I live has full-size bike lockers - very secure. On these lockers are signs saying you can't reserve them by leaving them locked and empty.

    How it started - I regularly commuted from my home town to the next big city. I used to cycle each morning to the train station, wheel my bike into a locker, lock it and go to work. One morning I get there, and all the lockers are used. It's a real pain but I get my wife to drive in, take my bike home and I go to work. Next morning I get to the lockers 30 minutes sooner (at 7:30), thinking i just needed to be there sooner to get a locker. NOPE - all used. I start to wonder what's going on and get on my hands and knees and look under the doors of the lockers - nearly all of them are empty, but locked by people.

    First, I try and be reasonable. I call the council (who have the "don't you dare lock these when empty signs") and they avoid responsibility, saying it's the train station's responsibility. I ask the station manager, who claim's it's the council's responsibility. So, I go to Ebay and make it my responsibility. It's frightening what you can cut through with a £20 pair of bolt-croppers.

    The next Saturday, I drive to the train station, and for every locker that is locked and doesn't have a bike in, I crop the lock and take it. About 80% of the lockers were like this.

    Then the sweet revenge happens on the Monday morning. I turn up and just watch. People cycle up to their lockers and find the lock is gone - no way for them to safely leave their bikes. I got to enjoy the dawning expression of surprise and then frustration on 3 people's faces as they had to go through the "what do I do - no way to lock my bike" pain I did.

    Next Saturday, I did it again. Then I became addicted to it. I drove out to the next two train stations on the line (where our council's territory ended) and did the same to the lockers there. I kept it up for about a month until the locks stopped being used to reserve lockers.

    I still have the bolt-croppers :)


    TL;DR: Our train station has bike lockers that are first come first serve. However, people began locking them with personal locks to try and reserve them. After I called the appropriate people and no one dealt with it, I bought a bolt cutter and broke the locks of the lockers that were locked but otherwise empty. No one has tried to reserve lockers since.

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    Time For Some Payback

    From Redditor u/Firm_Potato_6964:

    I (20F) have lived with this girl for over a year. She doesn’t realise how annoying she can be. She’s a good person at heart but she was coddled by her parents and thinks she’s the centre of the universe… 

    First some context: her car stopped working so I have been getting up at 5 every morning to drive her to work. Never ask her for a thing in exchange. I also do a lot of stuff for her as well such as buying her drinks etc.

    She counts pennies, super exact about the amount everyone owes her, down to the cent. So I forgot my card one day and wanted some lollies, I asked her to pay. It was like $4.50. So then when we get home she asks for the money, but I forget. Then she keeps hassling me for it until I snap and say “fine then let’s count the cents” and tally up all the petrol she owes me for driving her to work, plus the price of hiring a car for a day (I let her drive mine for a day), along with all the other little things I have bought for her this year. The total is over $100. 

    Immediately she wants to backtrack and say the lollies are paying me back for driving her everyday. But nope! Now she has to pay me every cent she owes and has to find a different lift from now on.


    TL;DR: My roommate started hassling me over $4.50 when I drive her to work every morning, and have even let her borrow my car. I told her if she's gonna be like this then she has to pay me back for using my car. She quickly tried to backtrack but now owes me $100.

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    Having A Cousin's Car Towed

    From Redditor u/armandoL27:

    So basically my cousin parked his car on my driveway and he's blocking my work truck. He parked on my driveway because he didn't have a residential parking permit to park on my street. However, he parked directly behind me instead of the other side, when we have a four car driveway. He left from the local airport to avoid paying for parking. The worst part is that he took his keys with him on his trip. Also, I couldn't squirm my way out either. I have a 2500 Denali and a classic in the garage that I wouldn't consider damaging for this inconvenience.

    Moreover, he didn't ask for permission or even give a heads up. I literally woke up and saw him blocking my driveway and I texted him to move his car. Then he told me he's in Texas and won't be back for a week. My cousin and I never established a real relationship. Our relationship is just superficial.

    Ultimately, I called my pd and had his sh*t towed. I don't intend on paying for this either. I have not notified my cousin about his car being towed. He will find out this Thursday.

    *Update* So long and behold, I finally contacted my cousin about his car. I texted him and told him to contact SMPD for his car because they have it. I received several calls and turned off my personal cell. I haven't been home all day or heard anything from him. That's it as of today, until I cross paths with him again.


    TL;DR: My cousin parked his truck behind my car on my driveway, essentially blocking me in. He left for Texas, didn't leave his keys or even ask for permission to use my driveway. I called a tow truck and had him towed. I let him know then turned my phone off. 

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    Enjoy The Extra Long Elevator Ride

    From Redditor u/SaltyWet247:

    So yesterday, I was returning home with a heavy bag of groceries.

    As I approached my apartment building, I saw a delivery man with parcel trolley waiting at the door. I decided to open it for him so he could get in while I checked my mailbox.

    As I entered the building, I heard him get on the elevator, he must have heard me enter the building as well but he didn't bother to hold the lift for me. No big deal, I'll just wait for it to come back down.

    The elevator stopped on the 4th floor, and I noticed it stayed at the 4th floor for a lot longer than it normally should, almost like it was stuck. After a moment, it started moving, except instead of going down to me, it was going up, and stopped at the 5th floor. Again it was stopping for an unusually long time.

    It was at this point I realised the courier must have been holding up the elevator doors with his trolley, so the they couldn't close, meaning the elevator won't move on.

    Annoyed because I have a heavy bag of shopping, I live on the 7th floor, and we only have one elevator, I was even more incensed when I saw the elevator carry on going further up and holding at other floors. At this point, I'd been waiting a good couple of minutes.

    So I decided to take the stairs to the 7th floor. However, I ran as fast as I could. Why? Because the elevator was coming down from the 16th floor and on my way to the 7th floor, I pressed for the elevator on each floor I passed. If he enjoyed holding up the lift, he could spend extra time in them on the way down.

    I waited in the stairwell, and listened to the elevator stop on my floor, doors open, doors close, stop on the 6th and so on. When it hit the 5th, I could just about hear the courier say "for f*cks sake" as he realised no on is getting on the elevator.

    I was out of breath and had a good sweat going on but it was worth it in the name of pettiness.


    TL;DR: I noticed a mail courier was holding up the elevator while I was waiting for it. So, I decided to take the stairs but pressed every button on the way to my floor. If he's okay holding the elevator on his way up, he can spare time to wait on the way down.