18 Satisfying Stories Of Petty Revenge From People That Have Simply Had Enough

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Revenge is never the answer. However, sometimes people can't help but resist a little harmless petty revenge. These stories of revenge may be a tiny bit petty, but that just makes them all the more satisfying. Vote up the best stories!

Some posts have been edited for length and clarity. All posts come courtesy of r/pettyrevenge.

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    Dogs Do What Dogs Do

    From Redditor u/Your_acceptable:

    I had a neighbor that had a dog that barked from about 7pm til 5am NON STOP. They worked nights I believe. They kept the dog outside. I knocked numerous times, and they said, "Dogs bark, what do you expect?" Their house was directly behind mine, and we shared a divided wall.

    I recorded their dog for a full day. The minute they brought him in, and I felt like they were sleeping, I popped my phone into the dock and played it on my stereo full blast facing their yard at 9am. They came over raving mad to my wall by about 12, asking me to shut my dog up.

    I said, "It's your dog, I recorded him, since you miss out on what dogs do. I'm just playing the radio at normal allowable city time and I will do this everyday."

    They started bringing the dog in at night after that.


    TL;DR; My neighbor had a dog that would bark all day long. My neighbor refused to do anything about it so, I recorded the dog for a full day. I started playing the recording over the radio until my neighbor brought his dog inside. 

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    Chasing A Check

    From Redditor u/Dire_Raven:

    I was waiting in line at the bank. They have you line up outside, not a problem. This particular day it was a bit windy, again not a problem for me. A guy gets out of his car, cheque in hand. The wind whips the cheque from his hands and somehow I managed to step on it as it scooted by me.

    I wasn't really expecting a thank you to be honest, but what I definitely wasn't expecting was the guy to chew me out for dirtying up his cheque. He goes, "Thanks for stepping on my cheque, the bank probably won't accept it now."

    Call me an a**hole but I lifted my foot up and let it blow away in the wind down the street and said, "Well, they definitely won't accept it now." The guy freaked as he was chasing it down the street and I got called up as next in line.

    Sorry not sorry.


    TL;DR: I was waiting in line outside the bank on a windy day when a man's cheque got blown out of his hands. I managed to step on it but when he came over and chewed me out for getting his cheque dirty. I wasn't expecting that so I lifted my foot and let the cheque blown down the street. 

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    Waiting For Final Payment

    From Redditor u/Ginaccc:

    I got a job as a EMT after a 6 month Community College training course. I was woefully unqualified, I barely knew the basics, but the teacher kept saying, "Don't worry, the new job will train you when you're hired."

    I got hired at an ambulance transport place that just took people to dialysis and things like that, not emergency services. But there was no training. I was told to figure it out myself, etc. I didn't know what I was doing and I quickly realized this wasn't a fit. But I continued to try.

    On day 4, I was let go. I had worked 4 days total. I signed a paper with reasons they were firing me, all of which I agreed with so I signed. I asked if they had my check ready, the man who was doing the paperwork said they didn't, but they'd send it to me. Not exactly legal, but ok.

    I waited and waited. No check. I called to see where it was. I knew they were supposed to get that to me pretty quick by law. I called a few times to see where it was. The boss lady was so rude, not taking calls, when I did get someone they'd say, we'll mail it.

    I started researching labor laws because it was getting ridiculous. That's when I found out they have to give me a day's pay for every day my check is late, which was 150 bucks. So, I stopped calling and started waiting. I finally got a check, but it was a payroll check. And it turns out I had worked 2 days in one pay period and 2 on the next one. So, I called again to tell them and got yelled at by the boss lady.

    Waited another 2 weeks, got my last check and filed my claim with the labor board for not getting my final paycheck in the time allowed by law. It had been about a month by then.

    First meeting was a mediation where we try to settle. Boss lady wasn't having it. She kept saying she didn't owe me anything and her offer was 500 dollars. She said this was all a setup by me. I knew they owed me closer to 3000 and she didn't have a leg to stand on so I refused. She stomped out and said I'd be hearing from her lawyer.

    Next we went before a labor judge. This time evil boss had done her research. Every excuse an employer can use for not paying me the last check, she used. She said I moved. She said I never tried to call them, that they tried to call me numerous times. She said they tried to call me to get my address but my number was changed. She said her husband was a cop and she was an honest person and I was a liar and did all this intentionally. She said I purposely didn't clock in and the times were messed up. She also claimed a ton of reasons why I was fired, none of which were listed on the paper they made me sign and the judge called her out on that.

    I went home, printed my phone records and highlighted all the calls, letter from my landlord saying I hadn't moved, etc, and took it back to the labor board and dropped it off. I didn't get to see the judge again so I don't know if the judge ever saw it, but I did win the case.

    Plus the judge added 4 days because the last check was sent on a Friday before a 3 day weekend. I was only supposed to be paid until the postmark date, but I got paid til the following Tuesday. Over 3k.


    TL;DR: I got fired from my job without getting my final paycheck. After calling and being rudely dealt with, the check came over a month late. I filed a claim against the employer and won. I ended up receiving over 3k from this employer.

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    An Early Alarm As Decoy

    From Redditor u/[deleted]:

    My roommate enjoys nice long showers in the morning using all of the hot water. I realized that he literally jumps out of bed and runs into the bathroom when he hears my alarm. I started putting my alarm on silent for a while and this was working well enough but I still missed my morning shower several times because of their unreasonable long showers.

    So, I just started setting two alarms with one alarm going off about an hour and a half before I normally get up. This has caused him for about two weeks now to get up really early, run all the hot water, and be out with enough time for there to be warm water again.

    Small victories are nice.


    TL;DR: I noticed my roommate runs to take a shower when they hear my alarm. I started setting two alarms, with one going off an hour earlier, so that my roommate can rush to shower and be out in enough time for me to get up and shower. 

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    A Simple Cup Of Coffee

    From Redditor u/Melancholiholic:

    An unfriendly coworker used to use my Keurig in my cubicle all the time. She brought her own pods in so I really didn’t care. Then, she started emptying my Brita pitcher to fill her water bottle up every day after I left and never refilled it. Annoying, but whatever.

    One day, a friendly coworker was standing at the entrance to my cubicle talking to me about a serious operation his wife needed to get soon. He was clearly worried and needed to talk to someone. The unfriendly coworker walked up behind him, tapped him on the shoulder and snapped “You’re in the way.”

    The guy seemed embarrassed, apologized and walked off. She walked in, started her coffee and walked off while it brewed. I grabbed my bottle of Mio blackberry water flavoring and squeezed probably 1/3 of the bottle in her cup as the coffee filled it.

    She never used my Keurig or water pitcher again.


    TL;DR: An entitled coworker used my Keurig to make her coffee and Brita pitcher to fill her water. I didn't really mind until this coworker was rude to my friend once. While her coffee was brewing, I squirted blackberry flavoring into it. She never used my things again. 

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    The Missing Pieces

    From Redditor u/Upper_Stranger8219:

    My ex and I broke up. We lived together. I sold most of my furniture to keep his, and we used that money to buy new things for the apartment like decor & bar stools for the kitchen. He not only wanted to keep all of his furniture, but 50% of the stuff we bought together.

    I tried to explain that everything became ours 50/50 when I sold my stuff to keep his. It wasn't worth fighting over, he was being pretty vindictive, so I said f*ck it and let him take it all. I ended up with a desk, a rug, 2 bar stools, and some kitchen & decor items. He took all the electronics including TV, couch, coffee table, tv stand, bed & bedframe, etc. All of the really important and/or expensive items. 

    My petty revenge... Most of the furniture was Ikea. All of it being built with hex keys. I helped him disassemble his furniture for the movers. Then, I took his entire bag of hex keys & hardware (the screws and whatnot). He put the furniture in storage so he won't notice for another month at least. Replacing the hex keys is pretty simple, but good luck tracking down the exact screws and brackets and etc!!


    TL;DR: When my ex and I broke up, he took most of the expensive furniture and electronics, which I didn't think was fair. So, when we were dissasembling the furniture, I secretly took all the screws, hardware, etc. and hid it. It'll be about a month before he notices. 

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