18 Petty Revenge Stories That Will Give You Some Pretty Sinister Ideas

Daily life is filled with a constant stream of inconveniences. Whether it's someone making an innocent mistake or purposely going out of their way to be a jerk, it's infuriating to get caught in the crossfire. Most of the time, it seems impossible for you to get any sort of justice for these problems. But in some rare instances, a perfect opportunity to get revenge might present itself. And those situations can lead to some outrageous real life stories of petty revenge.

Reddit has become the go-to forum for people looking to share their pettiest revenge storiesUsers from all around the world come together to discuss tales of petty revenge, explaining how they managed to get back at the people that wronged them in their day-to-day lives. While each of the actions are minor in nature, that doesn’t stop these petty revenge stories from being incredibly funny and satisfying.