People Vent Their Frustrations About TV & Movie Moments That Would Never, Ever Happen In Real Life

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"What [are] your (incredibly petty) TV frustrations?" - @scottygb

Over on Twitter, fans of both the small and big screen are sharing the overused tropes and cliches that just don't make a lot of sense in the real world. Cereal boxes with no bags? Brand new text convos with life-long friends? The way every, single newspaper looks? Here are a few favorites that caught our attention. Vote up the tropes that should be retired. 

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    Every American Breakfast = Vegas Buffet


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    That's Just Bad Manners, Really


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    Cheerios Remain Fresh Forever In TV Land


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    Totally Fooled


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    Turning On The TV At Exactly The Right Time


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    The Extremely Fast Healing Process