Graveyard Shift

All Shadow People Are Terrifying, But The Phantom Hat Man May Be One Of The Worst Of All

Dark apparitions that reveal themselves while you're sleeping are scary enough, but of all the Shadow People that visit you at night, the Hat Man may be the most creepy. It's been discovered that there are different classes of Shadow People, and this terrifying man with the hat is among them. He's been spotted all over the world, and according to people who've shared their stories, the Hat Man has apparently been around for a while.

What are Shadow People? It's certain these dark apparitions aren't human, but with all kinds of theories about their existence - from time travelers to aliens - no one really knows what they are or where they came from. The Hat Man is believed to be one of them and although he's extremely mysterious, many witnesses claim he's over six feet tall and always wears a hat. According to creepy stories about the phantom Hat Man, he appears during times of emotional turmoil or distress and will often observe you as you sleep. Who is the phantom Hat Man? Humanity may never know but if he ever pays you a visit, consider yourself special.