All Shadow People Are Terrifying, But The Phantom Hat Man May Be One Of The Worst Of All

Dark apparitions that reveal themselves while you're sleeping are scary enough, but of all the Shadow People that visit you at night, the Hat Man may be the most creepy. It's been discovered that there are different classes of Shadow People, and this terrifying man with the hat is among them. He's been spotted all over the world, and according to people who've shared their stories, the Hat Man has apparently been around for a while.

What are Shadow People? It's certain these dark apparitions aren't human, but with all kinds of theories about their existence - from time travelers to aliens - no one really knows what they are or where they came from. The Hat Man is believed to be one of them and although he's extremely mysterious, many witnesses claim he's over six feet tall and always wears a hat. According to creepy stories about the phantom Hat Man, he appears during times of emotional turmoil or distress and will often observe you as you sleep. Who is the phantom Hat Man? Humanity may never know but if he ever pays you a visit, consider yourself special.

  • The Hat Man Is Said To Wear A Fedora Or Top Hat, A Trench Coat, And Have Glowing Red Eyes

    The Hat Man Is Said To Wear A Fedora Or Top Hat, A Trench Coat, And Have Glowing Red Eyes
    Photo: Timitzer / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY 3.0

    According to everyone who's seen him, the Hat Man appears as a completely dark figure like other Shadow People. The obvious difference is that Hat Man wears a hat which has appeared as a top hat in some sightings and a fedora in others. While many people are unable to make out what he is wearing, some report seeing old-fashioned clothing, a long trench coat or a cape, and he always appears at least six feet tall.

    The Hat Man's face is also usually indistinguishable but many who he has visited have claimed he has glowing red eyes, unlike other Shadow People. There have also been reports that Hat Man carries a gold watch attached by a chain to his belt and will occasionally look at it.

  • Although Some People Claim The Hat Man Has Attacked Them, He Is Usually Content Just To Watch

    Although Some People Claim The Hat Man Has Attacked Them, He Is Usually Content Just To Watch
    Photo: Unknown / PeakPx / Public Domain

    People who claim the Hat Man has attacked them tell stories about being jumped on or choked and have experienced burning in their chest or tingling on their scalp. Shadow People are said to often do this, the Hat Man is also happy just watching. He tends to stay longer than most Shadow People as well and has been spotted watching people in the mirror, bending over them while they sleep or just hanging out in the corner with a creepy smile on his face.

    Perhaps not attacking a person and simply observing from afar is much more terrifying, especially since many people insist Hat Man has a solid form unlike other Shadow People. And while Shadow People tend to just disappear when it's time for them to leave, Hat Man has been seen floating above the ground or walking away.

  • Hat Man Often Appears During Times Of Trauma, Aggression, Or Other Negative Emotional Disturbances

    In many cases, the Hat Man seems to be hanging around areas where there are negative emotions taking place, such as households that have experienced domestic abuse, fighting, or depressed family members. Some people believe the Hat Man is a demon sent to bring those who are about to die to Hell. Others think he is demonic.

    Heidi Hollis may be able to back that up with a story a German soldier told her about witnessing Hat Man, asking who he was, and being told "Scratch," an old nickname for the Devil. Hollis also recounted the story of a suicidal man who woke to find himself in the hospital and the Hat Man close by. According to the story, the Hat Man quickly disappeared after the man woke up but not before saying, "I almost had you."

  • Some People Believe The Hat Man Emits Very Powerful Negative Energy And Feeds Off The Fear He Causes

    People can usually feel when they're being watched, and a gaze from the Hat Man is no exception. Many have also noted a very dark energy emitted from him and said they immediately knew he was extremely evil and very likely wanted to kill them. Some get the feeling the Hat Man is enjoying their fear and actually feeding off of it. It's possible, however, that since people who witness Hat Man are usually already in a fearful, angry, or other emotionally charged state thanks to whatever negative thing is going on in their life, they associate Hat Man with their negative feelings.

    Because he appears in so many different situations, and occasionally to several people in the same family, there isn't really a clear explanation if he's truly evil and why he appears to so many people.

  • He Has Been Seen All Over The World, Making The Hat Man A Global Phenomenon

    In 2001, the subject of Shadow People was first introduced to mainstream media via Coast to Coast AM. After the broadcast, many people sent in drawings of what they had seen and shared stories about their own experiences with Shadow People. Author and strange encounter-enthusiast Heidi Hollis noted in 2008 that there was a commonly seen Shadow Person she named "Hat Man," and people all over the world claimed to have been visited by him as well.

    No one expected so many people to have experiences with Hat Man or Shadow People, but the similarity of people's stories has given the creepy dark man a lot of popularity and more credibility for a lot of people. You can find stories all over the internet from those who have encountered him and one person started a website specifically to collect tales about Hat Man sightings.

  • Like Shadow People, The Hat Man Often Appears When People Are Experiencing Sleep Paralysis

    Like Shadow People, The Hat Man Often Appears When People Are Experiencing Sleep Paralysis
    Photo: Unknown / Pxhere / Public Domain

    Sleep paralysis is a sleep disorder that scientists believe may be caused by a disturbed REM sleep cycle. People who experience this physically harmless but psychologically terrifying experience are fully awake but unable to move. They may also have hypnagogic hallucinations as they are trapped between being asleep and being awake and might see things like Shadow People or the Hat Man. These hallucinations can obviously be quite scary and even more terrifying when the person experiencing them is unable to move. Scientists have no final explanation for why so many people see the same creepy apparitions though.

    Many people experience Shadow People and the Hat Man when they are awake as well, so the idea of sleep paralysis doesn't completely account for this phenomenon.