The Most Un Pho Gettable Pho Restaurant Puns

If you're a fan of Vietnamese cuisine like the delicious noodle-filled soup called "pho," you probably already know that pho puns are part of the fun of eating at a Vietnamese restaurant. Pho restaurant names aren't shy about playing on the name of the popular dish, which has produced a rich history of hilariously pun-ny eateries. Here we’ve assembled a collection of some of the wittiest, funniest, and just plain corniest restaurant names that the world of Vietnamese cuisine has come up with so far.

These pho restaurant puns will have you hankering for a delicious Vietnamese dish. Who knows, you might even find yourself stopping by one of these cleverly-named joints. Love hip hop music? Why not swing by Pho Shizzle, the freshest pho joint on the block? Planning on taking a trip to California sometime soon? Why not take a break after touring the shops of Beverly Hills for a little lunch at 9021 Pho?

Whether you’re a lover of tasty Vietnamese food or just a sucker for an eye-roll worthy pun, you’ve come to the right place to put a smile on your face. The un-pho-gettable puns range from clever to the cringe-worthy, but they’re guaranteed to leave you chuckling despite yourself pho sure.