Fans Are Pointing Out Details About Firelord Ozai That We Never Noticed Before

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Firelord Ozai may be the big baddie of ATLA, but that doesn't mean he's not effing cool on his own (Let's face it - any character who's voiced by Mark Hamill is just cool. Period.) From [broken] psyches to childhood psychological evaluations, these are the most insightful afterthoughts ATLA fans have come up with to pay tribute to the deliciously evil Phoenix King.

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    The Worst Kind Of Defeat

    The Worst Kind Of Defeat
    Photo: Avatar: The Last Airbender / Nickelodeon

    From Tumblr user hello-nichya-here

    cowboysanddragons23 asked:

    "There is no good and there is no evil. There is only power and those too weak to seek it."-Voldemort.

    It's also made explicitely clear that Ozai also shares this philosophy. In fact, this quote sums it up properly.

    Yep. And it’s part of why I like that Ozai didn’t [pass] at the end of the show. There is no punishment more fitting for him than just lose ALL of his power and just be forced to live as a regular, basically harmless prisoner, and having to answer to the son he humiliated, [hurt] and looked down on for years, instead of dying in an epic [fight] and possibly becoming a martyr for his supporters.

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    Ozai's Dishonor

    Ozai's Dishonor
    Photo: Avatar: The Last Airbender / Nickelodeon

    From Tumblr user aangarchy

    I love that this discussion about Agni Kai also shows that during Zuko’s first one, Ozai was actually the dishonorable one. Iroh explains this during the second Agni Kai against Zhao. Zuko didn’t burn Zhao but Zhao technically forfeited by telling Zuko to “just get it over with” and then became dishonorable by [firebending against] Zuko when his back was already turned and declared the fight over.

    Zuko forfeited his first Agni Kai. He gave up. Ozai still came up to him and burned him. And yet Ozai is the one that found Zuko dishonorable by forfeiting. Really interesting how that man views power.

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    Zuko And Azula As A Reflection Of Ozai

    Zuko And Azula As A Reflection Of Ozai
    Photo: Avatar: The Last Airbender / Nickelodeon

    From Redditor Noobface_

    Many people like to criticize ATLA for not developing Ozai as a character... but I completely disagree. Both Azula and Zuko's stories are character development for Ozai himself. They didn't even need to show us his face until the third season because we could already see the damage he had caused through his children.

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    Poor Azula

    Poor Azula
    Photo: Avatar: The Last Airbender / Nickelodeon

    From Tumblr user zuko-always-lies

    Ozai sends his only viable heir(Azula) with minimal support into a wa r zone to hunt down the second most powerful firebender in the world (Iroh). It’s pretty evident that he doesn’t care that much about succession, the good of the Fire Nation, or what would happen to the Fire Nation after he dies.

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    Underrated Phoenix King

    Underrated Phoenix King
    Photo: Avatar: The Last Airbender / Nickelodeon

    From Redditor abdo1231997

    A lot of youtube videos and fans tend to portray Iroh’s bending or Jeong Jeong as more powerful than Ozai’s.

    But during the solar eclipse, when like 5% of the sun became visible, Ozai generated a very impressive mere mili seconds. This is an unprecedented feat that has never been witnessed by any other fire bender.

    Not to mention that when Aang took his bending away it was an amazing cosmic event of energy while when he took other people’s bending or when Korra restored bending to others it was just some avatar glow.

    Ozai ‘s power is seriously underrated just because he’s portrayed as a cocky power hungry maniac.

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    Mark Hamill Firelord Is Best Firelord

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