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People Share Their Stories Of Phone Calls Made From Beyond The Grave

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When a loved one passes away, we sometimes wish we could speak to them one last time. Some people report they received phone calls or voicemails they believe are from their deceased loved ones. Sometimes they come through as eerie otherworldly static, while other times the ghostly caller is able to communicate one last message. On Reddit, people are sharing phone calls and voicemails from beyond the grave that still defy explanation.

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    Sister Called And Asked For Help

    From Reddit u/needsanswersnows:

    I lost my sister to "suicide".  I put that in inverted commas because I still do not believe it was a suicide for the fact she left no explanation for anybody and more so, didn't tell me anything before it (being a year apart in age, her and I where extremely close).

    I was asleep in my bed with my girlfriend when I was woken by my phone ringing ( It woke her up, too - this is how I know it wasn't me dreaming). It was 3:37 am - I know this because when it rang, I looked at the screen to see what number was calling me and saw the time. It was a private number (unknown number). Usually, I will not answer private number calls, but being half-asleep and guessing it was probably a drunk friend ringing to be picked up from somewhere, I answered.

    I said hello, and all I could hear was this muffled kinda static sounds, No one replied, so again I said hello. Again no response, so I thought it was probably just a prank call or some sh*t and was about to hang up, when I heard my name get called. "Paul." It was clear as day and sounded 100% like my sister. I kinda froze and started to panic, said her name a few times, pretty much pleading it to be her.

    Then all I heard was, "I'm sorry. I love you. Please help me." The last bit is what has made me really upset and uneasy, the "please help me".

    I asked where she was, then I heard a really, really loud screeching sound, then it went back to the dial tone...

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    Wife Received Loving Call From Her Husband

    From Reddit u/lulaan:

    My grandpa passed away a year ago almost, and I was sitting in the living room with my grandma, chatting and having some snacks. The house phone started ringing. She picks up the phone, and her face went completely pale, she hangs up and started crying. Now my grandpa had just passed at this moment, and we were all really sad and depressed, since he was such a kind and caring soul.

    My grandma explained to me through tears that my grandpa had called her, she said she recognized his voice, and he was whispering that he was okay and that my grandma would be okay, too, even without him. They had been married for 61 years, and they were still madly in love when he left us. This helped my grandma a lot, and she wasn't a believer in paranormal stuff, but it made her think a lot about that and is really open-minded about this stuff now.

    We often discuss this and we all agree that it wasn't some kind of bad joke... We had a lot of strange things happen after his death, but always on the good side of strange. I miss him a lot, but it helps me to think he's okay and he's showing us he is.

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    Grandma Called Company To Cancel Delivery

    Reddit u/rizozzy1:

    Just prior to my granny passing away, she had ordered some bits from a catalogue. My dad popped over to her house around two weeks after she died and found a “we missed you” card on the door mat. So he called the distributor to explain and to ask if he could cancel the order.

    When he said he was phoning on behalf of Mrs. X from X address, the man stopped him saying he had a call from her two days ago cancelling her order. My dad explained that wasn’t possible. The guy insisted that’s what had happened, saying my granny had apologised and said she was unexpectedly going away.

    Obviously, my dad had quite a few questions. Apparently, this wasn’t the first message he’d had from the other side via a phone call. Weirdest thing ever.

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    Grandmother Who Had Passed Away Left Voicemail

    From Reddit u/plankashtyn14:

    This actually just happened to me. My grandmother... ended up having cancer in her liver, lungs, and the bottom of her esophagus... She was in the hospital for about 16 days and had a very small chemo treatment the day before she passed... 

    It had been about six months since she had passed when the phone calls occurred. Sine I worked in an ER at the time, I always wore my Fitbit in case there was ever an emergency at home and I didn’t have my phone on me. There had been a few family issues around this time with an aunt everyone hates selling things of hers and stealing from my grandpa... I cried and pleaded out loud for God or my grandma to ease my worries and hurt. I fell asleep soon after... I woke up suddenly to my Fitbit vibrating like CRAZZYYY! I look down and start checking who had texted me or called... it said “missed call from Grandma Brenda cell” and “missed call from Grandma Brenda home"...

    I stared at my Fitbit and thought, “ Okay. #1. Her cell phone line is gone... #2. Even if the phone is still working, my grandpa has his own cell phone... #3. Why would my grandpa be up at 3:00 am and call me out of all people?" I grab my phone and see the notifications don’t even show up on my phone or in my call log... And then, all of a sudden, I get two notifications on my phone saying “voicemail from Grandma Brenda cell and voicemail from Grandma Brenda home.”...

    I didn’t know if I should listen to them because I was freaked out. I did... and the first one was her saying, “I hope all is well with school, work and your mom. I love you and just remember that always. Put your stress and worries aside. Call me back soon."

    That was enough for me. I didn’t even listen to the second voicemail.

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