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People Share Their Stories Of Phone Calls Made From Beyond The Grave

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When a loved one passes away, we sometimes wish we could speak to them one last time. Some people report they received phone calls or voicemails they believe are from their deceased loved ones. Sometimes they come through as eerie otherworldly static, while other times the ghostly caller is able to communicate one last message. On Reddit, people are sharing phone calls and voicemails from beyond the grave that still defy explanation.

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    Mysterious Call From A Body Already In Casket

    From Reddit u/syrenxsong:

    So brief background, I work for a company that answers phones and takes messages for businesses when they're closed, out to lunch, after hours, etc.

    We answer for a variety of companies in different fields, including funeral homes. This situation has happened twice that I have talked to the person on the phone myself...

    So the first time it happened, I took the message from this lady whose mother had passed recently. Body was already picked up and dressed and at the funeral parlor, visitation was scheduled for the following day. She calls and is weepy, and asks if her mother's phone is still in her jacket pocket, because they just got a call from her number. I end up dispatching the call (calling the director to deliver the message verbally), and he says that he'll call her, but the body is in the casket, and the casket is closed, waiting in their parlor. I say, "Wow, weird." And he kind of chuckles and says THIS KIND OF THING HAPPENS MORE OFTEN THAN YOU WOULD THINK.

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    Great Grandmother Called To Say I Love You

    From Reddit u/SaltyPanda93:

    So about a week after my great-grandmother passed away, I was over visiting with my grandparents, and we were all sitting around talking as usual with nothing out of the ordinary. Well, suddenly their landline phone rings, and the number on the caller ID shows no name and only the numbers 000-000-000. My grandad does this joke when he gets a weird call from someone he doesn’t recognize and says, “I don’t know anyone named 000-000-000,” and lets the answering machine get it.

    So a minute later, it shows that the ominous number left a message on the answering machine, and we play it. As the message plays, there is about 10 seconds of static noise, like someone has a bad connection, and then it stops, and we hear a woman’s voice say, “I love you,” and we all immediately turned and looked at each other and didn’t say a word. A few more seconds of static followed those words, and the message ends.

    We all recognized the voice as belonging to my great-grandmother. What adds to my belief that it was her is that she had this weird thing where she would never say the words "I love you" to anyone. She was a sweet lady, but something about those words she would just never say, even if you said them to her. So I believe she regretted that and needed to pass that message along to my grandad. Nothing else happened since, but I will always remember that experience.

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    Unearthly Music From The Afterlife Being Sent By Father

    From Reddit u/Haunted115:

    I also received a phone call on my landline soon after my father passed in 2006. Mine came up as "unknown". I wasn't in the mood to talk to anyone, and let the answering machine pick up as I listened. What came through was nothing of this world. Unearthly music. Imagine the flowers and butterflies being able to sing... I don't have any words to describe what I heard. I was covered in goosebumps from head to toe.

    I quickly went to listen to it again after it ended. There was no message on the machine, although there was plenty of room and no "unknown" number showed up on the caller ID. I believe it was a message from my dad. He didn't believe in an afterlife - he thought once you died, that was the end... lights out. Mom and I have had enough unexplained experiences that we believe there is more. I think it was his way of saying there is more.

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    Siblings Received Call From Dad After He Passed

    From Reddit u/ThatCatJack:

    My dad passed away in 2016. I had his phone after he died but I’d taken his SIM card out and put mine in, and so his was left in my bedroom at home. Anyway, I was walking to work, and my phone started ringing, and it was his number, and it still said “Dad” on the caller ID.

    I was freaked out but I answered it, and all I heard was breathing, then he hung up. I was really frightened, and I phoned my sisters to ask if it was them, but they said they’d got the same call. Spooky stuff.

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