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People Share Their Stories Of Phone Calls Made From Beyond The Grave

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When a loved one passes away, we sometimes wish we could speak to them one last time. Some people report they received phone calls or voicemails they believe are from their deceased loved ones. Sometimes they come through as eerie otherworldly static, while other times the ghostly caller is able to communicate one last message. On Reddit, people are sharing phone calls and voicemails from beyond the grave that still defy explanation.

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    Grandpa Left Voicemail On His Nurse's Phone

    From Reddit u/Mandylynn1109:

    When I was 11, almost 12, my Pop (grandpa) died after a long fight with lung cancer. We lived way down in the country (still live in the same area, just across the street), and the home health nurse who came three days a week for a year to care for him lived about an hour and 20 minutes away.

    He died early in the morning on November 27, 1994. That afternoon, when the nurse got home, there was a message on her answering machine left at 1:30 pm, November 27, it was my Pop... He said, "Tell June I'm alright." June is what my Pop called my grandma, her name is Patricia.

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    Best Friend's Phone Didn't Stop Calling Until After Her Funeral

    From Reddit u/dotchianni:

    When my best friend was murdered, I had multiple calls from her number.

    First, right after she died. I figured this out by comparing notes with the friend that survived and telling her what I saw and when the call came through. There was only a whisper on the other end. I couldn't tell exactly what the voice said but it sounded like, "Help her." It was about 30 minutes to an hour before I was supposed to start calling the police to send for help (if they didn't return). I was so freaked out, I called a close friend and told her. She asked what my gut instinct said to do, to follow that, and call her back after I called the cops.

    After the police showed up, I could hear them telling the murderer to sit down, and the murderer saying he didn't mean to. I was later told that there is no cell signal up there and that getting that call would be impossible. But I heard it clearly. The day after she was murdered, I got a call from her number and so did her husband, a friend of the family, and her sister.

    Occasionally, we would get calls from her number until about a week after her funeral. The phone was in evidence with the battery removed.

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    Friend Left A Voicemail After She Passed Away

    From Reddit u/MadameMalia:

    I had this happen back in 2011. One of my best friends was passing away of a terminal illness. Back then, I only had a flip phone and barely used it. One day, I was in a grocery line, and the cashier and I knew each other because all three of us used to work together. He asked me how my friend was doing, so I told him that last I knew she was in a coma. The lady behind me in line asked me if I was talking about *insert friend's name here*, and we replied, "Yes." She informed us that my friend had passed away in her sleep two days prior. Shook me to my core.

    A few days later, I got a missed call and voicemail with no call back number, it was my friend's voice, and she said, "MadameMalia, it's me!" (Used my real name, of course). I'll always regret not answering that call, maybe I could've talked to my friend from beyond. I went to her funeral the next week and held the top of her hand (her hands were folded over one another on her stomach) before I left.

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    Call Came In From Grandparent's Disconnected Phone Number

    From Reddit u/phospencer:

    My grandmother died in February 1996. She outlived my grandfather who had died in 1989. After her death, my father handled having her utilities disconnected, and the home and farm were sold pretty quickly. In 1999, I was running my family's newly opened business that was in a town about 120 miles north of where my grandparents were from and are buried.

    One day, when the phone rang, I couldn't believe what I saw on the Caller ID. It showed that the call was coming from my grandparents' long-disconnected phone number, and my grandfather's name was also displayed. When I answered, there was no one on the line. I have no explanation for how this happened.

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