Concert Goers Are Debating How Much Phone Use At A Show Is Too Much

To film or not to film? When you go to a concert it's not at all unusual to see an array of phone screens blocking your view of the stage. Some people spend more time recording than they do actually watching. How much phone use at a concert is too much? This debate hit a new high when recording artist Mitski asked her fans to curb their phone usage, not eliminate completely, but maybe try to spend more time in the moment and not staring at a screen. Like all things on twitter, this kicked off a contentious debate that will probably never be settled. Heck some people probably tweeted while at a show. Here's how it all went down.

  • The Thread That Sparked A Debate


  • Not Everyone Was Thrilled With The Request


  • A Plea For Height Sections


  • People Shared Bad Behavior They've Seen At Shows


  • Why Record At All?


  • What Happens To Those Videos?