Photo Developers Describe The Weirdest Pictures They've Ever Seen

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Everyone knows camera film needs to be developed in order to get your pictures, but do they ever consider the developers who will be seeing their prints? Clearly, such a thought never crossed the minds of any of the subjects of these photo developer horror stories. Like shocking family secrets, weird photos seen in photo tech labs never intended to be seen by unfamiliar eyes. But as is the case with the most scandalous of secrets, the craziest things seen by photo developers easily made their way onto the internet. Photo developers shared their weirdest stories on Reddit, much to the delight and horror of everyone who could bare to witness. While some of the scarier photos delve into darker territory, many of the funnier photos seen by photo lab techs simply leave you feeling quite amused at the brazenness of people and their cameras. 

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    From user LemonJones:

    "A regular who took photos of himself c*mming on food and eating them afterwards. Learned pretty fast to not look his photos when I developed them."

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    Caught Red-Neck Handed

    From user johnnylockjaw1980:

    "I worked in a small mom and pop photo lab in Texas. This morbidly obese, redneck a**hole, decked in head-to-toe camouflage dropped off a roll of film. He was a typical, rude, "watchu lookin' at f*ggot" kind of hick.

    Almost the entire roll was him and three other guys wearing latex granny panties with built-in butt plugs, rolling around with each other. There was a mattress with a half-gallon of mineral oil next to it. There were a few pictures of a large, naked woman in a bathtub. I'm relatively sure that he believed this made him straight.

    In retrospect, he's probably a Redditor. If you're reading this, be nicer to guys that print your photos. Because print them, we did."

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    Crappy Photos

    From user Acidmoxy:

    "I've worked as a photo lab tech for six years or so. I've seen hundreds of sex photos. Lots of people thinking it's a great idea to take snaps of their weed growing setups. Twice I've called the Gardai on perverts with child porn. A very polite, respectable, middle aged banker who wears very expensive dresses and wigs. Once I got an entire roll of film that seemed to be a guy taking pics of every crap he made that month."

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    The '90s Were A Time

    From user TropicDrunk:

    "Worked as a printer in the '90s and saw many of the same sort of thing mentioned by others. It was always a good day when you'd get young sexy people processing their amateur sex shots, and always a gross day when you'd get the graphic birth photos. Both occurred about once or twice a week on average.

    Notably weird ones:

    • This very nebbish looking civil servant type guy who would bring roll after roll of photos of Pam Anderson taken by photographing his TV screen during scenes in Baywatch.
    • Biker funeral photos where all his buddies took turns posing with his corpse holding bottles of Jack Daniels and beers. 
    • Super angry, creepy, bearded guy brought in photos of him eating out his girlfriend's very hair p*ssy while it was covered in whipped cream. A whole roll of blurry close up shots of hair and white stuff. Couldn't tell if it was his mouth or her beaver in half the shots. Still haunts my dreams."