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Photo Developers Describe The Weirdest Pictures They've Ever Seen

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Everyone knows camera film needs to be developed in order to get your pictures, but do they ever consider the developers who will be seeing their prints? Clearly, such a thought never crossed the minds of any of the subjects of these photo developer horror stories. Like shocking family secrets, weird photos seen in photo tech labs never intended to be seen by unfamiliar eyes. But as is the case with the most scandalous of secrets, the craziest things seen by photo developers easily made their way onto the internet. Photo developers shared their weirdest stories on Reddit, much to the delight and horror of everyone who could bare to witness. While some of the scarier photos delve into darker territory, many of the funnier photos seen by photo lab techs simply leave you feeling quite amused at the brazenness of people and their cameras. 

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    A Terrible Scene

    From user irishliam:

    "While I was still in school, I worked in a camera store, and we developed pics. The printing tech called me upstairs one day to show me something he thought was quite odd.

    This sweet old lady had handed in a roll of film and an old photo where the clouds kind of, sort of, but not really at all, looked like god, and she wanted it copied. She was a typical god-fearing, Catholic old Irish woman. The odd thing was what was in her roll of film. The shots were mainly of typical family pics taken in Spain: happy family group shots, grandkids playing, the usual. Except right in the middle of the roll were four shots of a guy in his mid 30s laying underneath a chair in a pool of his own blood.

    Naturally I called the police, and they sent two detectives down to look at the shots. They were really cool, and decided to organize a little sting. When the woman returned I was to stall her, while we called the detectives, who were waiting in a car around the corner. All went according to plan and they met her when outside discreetly when she left the store.

    The detectives were nice enough to come back and tell us the results. It turns out the man in the photos was the woman's son, who was a raging alcoholic. The photos were taken after a particularly drunken binge where he nearly killed himself. She took them to show him once he was sober at an intervention they had planned.

    He died the week previous, and she had completely forgotten about the photos, and fell apart when the detectives showed them to her. I'll never forget it."

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    Can You Look At KFC The Same Way Again?

    From user hatefulhelp:

    "I work at a pharmacy/convenience store with photo processing. We're located directly next to a KFC, and once upon a time, a rather large 'shift leader' from KFC spent her lunch break at our walk-up photo kiosk making an elaborate collage out of close-up shots of her vagina. She spent quite a while in the store, with her photos in full public display, only to have her prints denied because, well, it was a page full of vaginas. Then she still came into the store regularly to buy cigarettes because KFC was right next door."

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    Supervising The Worst

    From user bootsmcskoots:

    "Oh, lord. I worked as a photo lab supervisor throughout the beginning of college, and saw some really insane things.

    • We had a customer that'd have photos of his kids and wife, and then there'd be photos of girls from the party district in my city pulling down their pants so he could snap shots of them in their underwear or whatever. He'd request doubles of those shots, and refused any and all 5 x 7 blowups of cute photos of his kids.
    • Another customer took photos at her husband's funeral, and one roll was exclusively of the coffin and body. She said she liked that one the most.
    • There was a customer that enjoyed blowing up his naked photos in one of those Kodak kiosks, and then he'd leave it for me with his phone number. He was banned from the store after the second time that happened.
    • One lady took photos of her shoes and shoe organizer. The same shoes, the same organizer, week after week.
    • Some parents would obviously have photos of a fun outing, and then use the last two or three photos on naughty photos of themselves. More often than not, those would be removed from the stack.
    • Someone dropped off photos of a Klan meeting!
    • I was once treated to photos of a threesome, and it was not the kind of threesome that you'd want to see. It was two hirsute and overweight girls with this skeevy-looking guy that couldn't have been taller than me (I'm 5'3'' and female), and he howled in upset when I couldn't give him the photos. LITERALLY HOWLED. He ripped down my camera display by the front register in anger, and walked out with the negatives and three bottles of Coke. Good on him, I suppose?"
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    What A Saga

    From user ShowNuff_SMD:

    "A roll of film that had a woman in lingerie stripping with a dildo in each hand, and right before she got totally naked the next picture was of a kids playing soccer. Then later on in the roll there was a picture of a goat standing on a recliner in someone's living room."

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