Weird History

This Photo Of Princess Diana Shaking Hands With An AIDS Patient Changed The World Forever

In the 1980s, the AIDS crisis swept the world—and along with it came AIDS hysteria. Parents pulled their kids from schools and some even attacked innocent children who suffered from the disease - even Ronald Reagan said parents were right to be scared, fueling the panic. But a single photo of Princess Diana holding the hands of an AIDS patient in 1987 challenged stigmas about the disease and changed the world. 

Princess Diana’s impact on society can’t be overstated. In her too-brief life, the people’s princess touched the lives of hundreds of thousands of people around the world. Princess Diana’s humanitarian work included serving as president or patron for more than 100 different charities. Rare photos of Princess Diana show her compassion and humanity.

The Princess Di AIDS handshake not only destroyed the myth that the disease could be transmitted by touch, it also showed Diana’s compassion for victims of the AIDS epidemic. The tragic death of Princess Diana in 1997 ended her humanitarian work, but the legacy of the people’s princess lives on.