These Pictures Might Just Contain Proof The Black-Eyed Children Are Coming For You

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Don’t hesitate to nod along if this rings true, but could there be a possibility you’re here in hopes you’re not the only person who’s seen one (or a few) of the black-eyed children? If not, dear reader, that’s perfectly alright. You're here now, and the reason is most likely that these creepy black-eyed children photos intrigue you – and for good reason. 

Who are the black-eyed children? Well, they are said to be paranormal beings, normally pretending to be in distress; showing up in the wee hours of the morning to ask you for help finding their parents, their pets, or even a place to stay.

There are dozens of tales surrounding encounters with spooky children, but the origin of these creepy kids with black eyes remains a mystery. However, if you know the right places to look, you’ll find a spine-chilling collection of so-called black-eyed children photos. We’ll save you the trouble of going through all the mock-ups and fakes and cut right to the heebie-jeebies of these mysterious young ones and their bottomless, soulless eyes.

Let's explore.