19 Haunting Pictures Of The Aftermath Of Nazi Germany's Blitzkrieg Over London

From 1940–41, Germany launched a lightning war, or Blitzkrieg, from the air over London. Beginning on September 7, 1940, Germany blitzed London for 56 days in a row, both under the cover of darkness and in the light of day. During that time, Londoners became accustomed to the sound of the air raid sirens as they rushed to shelters in the London underground.

While the damage enacted on London can't be overstated, London wasn't the only city to experience an unending blitz from the air. Other British port cities including Liverpool, Bristol, Swansea, and Birmingham, among many others, were also devastated by aerial strike.

This list gathers photos taken in England throughout the 1940s, from the beginning of the Blitz in 1940 until the post-war clean-up efforts that began in the middle of the decade.