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Photos Of Famous Fathers And Their Sons At The Same Age

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Sometimes you follow in your dad's footsteps. Other times - namely, in the British Monarchy - you're simply born into the job and have little choice in the matter. But one way or another, fathers and sons often wind up in the same business, whether it's onscreen, in the recording studio, or at Buckingham Palace.

Despite the generational divide that inherently separates these famous dads and their famous sons, there's always the opportunity for a retroactive juxtaposition - a chance to take a look back at what your favorite celebrity's parents looked like when they were the same age. Here, we'll just be looking at the boys, with 15 pairs of fathers and sons at similar moments in their lives.

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    Damon Wayans And Damon Wayans Jr. At 35

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    Ice Cube And O'Shea Jackson Jr. At 25

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    Stellan Skarsgård And Alexander Skarsgård At 40

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    Clint Eastwood And Scott Eastwood At 30

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