Rarely Seen D-Day Photos That Will Change Your Idea Of WWII

There are plenty of famous D-Day photos, but many more get overlooked. What people forget is that, before D-Day, there were still preparations to make for the invasion, and afterwards there was still more fighting. People also forget civilians and German soldiers had cameras, and they captured events besides the storming of the beaches. Luckily, we still have many of those pictures, some showing the precursors to D-day, others showing the gruesome aftermath.

Like Into the Jaws of Death, one of the most famous war photos ever taken, many of these World War II photos capture something special. It may be calm before the storm, it may be a moment of horror, or it may show a simple humanity often lost in the fray of battle. Either way, the Invasion of Normandy is an important historical event, and these photos offer a slightly different look at what was happening.