Graveyard Shift The Coolest Photos from Inside Abandoned Buildings  

Jacob Shelton
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Every day, brave urban explorers delve into derelict property and take photos of the things they find in old abandoned buildings. Despite the possible legal ramifications of urban exploration, the results are usually super cool, if not totally fulfilling. There’s a beauty in exploring abandoned buildings, in seeing how they decay and fall apart, and how the land reclaims the man-made structures. If you’re gong to go exploring abandoned buildings, make sure you bring a friend and a flashlight because you don’t want to get hurt or lost while you’re running around the urban ruins of your home town. If you like the look of abandoned buildings but don’t feel like climbing around in the dark, check out this list of the coolest photos from inside abandoned buildings to see all the spookiness without tripping over fallen beams.

The things that you can find while going through an abandoned building are innumerable. People have found everything from vintage photos to antique furniture and even money while traipsing around abandoned houses. Despite the possible legal ramifications of exploring abandoned buildings, people all over the world brave the night and the long reach of Johnny Law to check out creepy abandoned buildings, destitute factories, and forgotten homes. The world of urban exploring is an interesting place to delve into, even if you don’t want to join in on the fun.

Take a look around at these incredibly cool photos of empty structures from across the world and then vote up the coolest-looking abandoned buildings, and share your urban exploration stories in the comments.

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The Coolest Photos from Inside Abandoned Buildings