Rare Photos Of Albino Baby Animals

Genetic abnormalities come in all shapes and sizes, but animal albinism is one of the most fascinating and beautiful aberrations. Due to a lack of melanin pigment, true albino animals have noticeably pale skin and pinkish eyes. Another pigment abnormality, leucism, makes some animals look like they are half-albino. But only true albinos have discolored, light-sensitive eyes. These pale animals are also likely to develop skin cancer when exposed to excessive sunlight. 

Photos of albino animals are fascinating, but there is nothing quite as adorable as photos of baby albino animals. Their little bodies and big, pink eyes make them extra huggable. These little ones are far from adulthood, and that's fine as long as people keep taking their pictures.

Photo: TaniaVdB / Pixabay / Pixabay License