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20 Businesses That Clearly Took Over What Used To Be A Pizza Hut Location

June 17, 2021 4.7k votes 628 voters 40.2k views20 items

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The internet is a beautiful place that presents forms of interesting content we never knew we needed. Such as a photo pile of businesses that have clearly taken over what used to be a traditional Pizza Hut building. Not only are there many instances of this Pizza-Hut-replacement phenomenon, but there are many people who immediately take a photo of the new location to share with their fellow internet friends that are just as invested in this trend.

And now we present those fascinating finds of the signature huts to you too.

Courtesy of subreddit FormerPizzaHuts.

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    The Irony Of It Now Being A Domino's

    Photo: u/fleeeb / Reddit
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    The Holy Hut

    Photo: u/Taylor0320 / Reddit
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    The Urgent Care In Connecticut Has Been Spotted Multiple Times Now

    Photo: u/kingkja / Reddit


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    A Colorful Dispensary

    Photo: u/Reggie_Bandit / Reddit
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