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Side-By-Side Photos Of Celebrities And Their Siblings You've Never Seen Before

Celebrities often seem so much larger than life that it's hard to think of them as being real people. But for the brothers and sisters of stars, seeing their famous siblings as regular humans isn't much of a problem, since they know them outside of the spotlight.

Seeing celebrities and their siblings reminds us that famous people once had a childhood. Many of them had fairly typical upbringings with average parents. And like many of us who had siblings of our own, they likely annoyed and were annoyed by their brother or sister on a regular basis. In the case of some of these celeb siblings, you've probably never seen them before because they like to live a fairly private life. Others, however, regularly accompany their siblings to red carpets. A few have entertainment careers of their own, and you may already be familiar with them, especially if you've watched Desperate Housewives or were a fan of 30 Seconds to Mars. There are even celebrities who have equally famous siblings who you didn't know were related. In each instance, these siblings of celebrities have diverse and interesting lives of their own.