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Trips To The Mall Just Aren't The Same Without These 27 Old School Cool Classic Stores

January 13, 2021 15.1k votes 1.1k voters 26.1k views27 items

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The mall was more than a collection of stores. It was a place to go. That may not seem like much, but as many of the classic stores we fondly remember are shut down due to competition from online retail, having that physical place to go and be is a comforting memory. 

Kids in the 1980s, '90s, and 2000s had malls. Before they got to that age where they could drive themselves to wherever they wanted, everyone's parents could just drop them off at the mall. And walking around the mall was one of the best times a kid could have. These are the stores we goofed around in.

  • Sam Goody was the place for records, then tapes, then CDs. It was a teenaged music lover's paradise, and the setting of many people's lone story about the time they got caught shoplifitng. 

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    The Arcade

    The mall's arcade was the best place to spend allowance money and experience the latest games.

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    Claire's was the mall boutique where teens and preteens went for their parental approved piercings and scrunchies.

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    B. Dalton

    B. Dalton was the small bookstore in many malls - a perfect place to read a humor book while our friends or family finished shopping.

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