18 Mind-Blowing Photos Of Half Albino (AKA Leucistic) Animals

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Nature can be both weird and beautiful at the same time, and nothing exemplifies this like the leucistic creatures of the world. Leucism is a genetic disorder that is incredibly similar to albinism, where an animal is born with a lack of certain pigments. Creatures with leucism often look like half albino animals, but there are some big differences. Unlike albino animals, leucistic creatures often keep some of their coloration. 

Thus, animals that are half albino are actually not albino at all! Leucistic animals still retain some of their pigments, which results in beautiful piebald patterns. Even though they aren't technically albino, the colloquial name "half albino" rolls off the tongue a bit smoother than "leucistic." Pictures of albino animals may be common on the internet, but who knows how many of them are actually leucistic? Check out these truly unique creatures and vote up the photos of the most beautiful half albino animals!