Weird History Amazing Photos Of Unlikely Historical Figures Hanging Out  

Rebecca High

Quick, name association game. When you hear "buddies with Pele," do you for a moment think former president Gerald R. Ford? The Peruvian soccer great is not commonly associated with the US politician, which makes a rare photograph of the two kicking a soccer ball so marvelous. This video rounds up an astonishing collection of other historically fantastic photos.

Other random historical pairings include Harry Houdini and Teddy Roosevelt — who doesn't love an illusionist, after all? And remember that time Einstein hung out with Charlie Chaplin — everyone loves a good slapstick laugh, even the world's biggest genius.

It really puts a new angle on the game of whom you might invite to a dinner party. Would they get along? Who'd sit next to whom?

Watch this video for some amazing snaps of historical friendships you'd never presumed possible.