26 Throwback Photos Of Famous 'It Girls' That Made Us Do A Double Take

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Through the years, there's been many different “it girls” who have a certain “je ne sais quoi,” who captivated the public with their seemingly effortless style and swagger that many try their best to imitate. Whether it be on film or on the stage, their star power seemed to know no limits. And while the hair styles and clothing may have changed, their cool factor never did.

Of course, in actuality, being a woman in the limelight is far from effortless. Whether they were Old Hollywood glamour queens or nostalgic teen idols, their “signature looks” (and even their acts) were often crafted and honed behind the scenes, and sometimes out of their control. Still, each of these bold and beautiful women has shown that their vibrant presence runs much deeper than their appearance. You can see it for yourself in these throwback pics from their earlier days, before they became the “it girl” of their day.