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Intense Photos of Drill Instructors Yelling at Recruits

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A drill instructor yelling at recruits is one of those classic military images. But believe it or not, this practice wasn't always as well-known in American culture as it is today. Prior to R. Lee Ermey's appearance in Full Metal Jacket, people might not have known about how intense basic training could be. But truth is often even more brutal than fiction, as these pictures of drill sergeants yelling at marines and other military personnel show.

Granted, yes, we can have a little fun with some of the photos, imagining the things these instructors might be saying. But have no doubt, this kind of treatment is deadly serious, and serves an important purpose. Apart from unifying the troops, the drill instructor's job is to teach recruits to maintain cool and discipline under stress. It's a literal life-or-death quality on the battlefield. The drill instructor's job is to save lives, plain and simple.

Still... can't fault them for having a little bit of fun in the process. 
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    "This Recruit Envies Your Neck Veins, SIR!"

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    Drill Instructors: Not Ideal for Teaching Knitting

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    And That Was the Day Amy Got a Hearing Aid

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    Sometimes It's About Not Crying; Other Times It's About Not Laughing

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