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"Come quickly," said Benedictine Monk Dom Pierre Perignon. "I'm tasting the stars!" Little did the French monk know, he had just created a champagne that would be associated with his name to this day. You see, Dom Perignon was just one of many monks throughout the centuries who have dedicated themselves to preserving the sanctity of their two greatest loves: God and booze. Despite their many contributions to the wide world of wine, however, it seems that over the centuries, beer has always had a soft spot in the hearts of men of the cloth around the world. We’ve gathered art from over the ages that explores the tight bro-mance between monks and beer.

Not only will this collection give you a good overview of ale-inspired art, these monks looking at beer are gazing at their brews the way a man looks at his one true love (which may answer some of those questions you’ve always had about the whole celibacy thing). So the next time someone tells you that getting a responsible buzz on is not Christian, send them this way.

So grab a beer if you’re ready to learn from the experts. You’ll find no watered down cheap stuff here, but a variety of buzz-inducing ales as divine as the brothers who brewed them.

This Saintly Suds Maker

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The Ale-Loving Abbey Dweller

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This #Blessed Boozer

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This Smooth Sipping Saint

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