16 Photos Of Nuns Living Life Just Like The Rest Of Us

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If you're looking to have a little chuckle today, check out these pictures of nuns doing everyday things. The stereotypical nun is a stuffy, religious woman who follows the rules and is pious in every way. So, you might not think vintage pictures of Catholic nuns would be interesting. But you'd be wrong – nuns do much more than look stern and pray.

Nuns are still people, after all, and in many ways they live normal lives. They can (gasp!) drive cars, go grocery shopping, and visit the beach. They also shake loose every now and then, and that makes for some pretty funny nun images. You'll see pics of nuns in habits playing sports, imbibing in alcohol (and other vices), hanging out with fellow community members, and just having fun.

These old photographs of nuns doing normal things serve as humorous and fascinating reminders of their humanity – even if they still seem holier-than-thou.