Weird History

How Storefronts Evolved Over Time

If you grew up in suburban America, chances are you saw dozens of corporate storefronts and logos evolve right in front of your eyes. Even if you're a just a teenager, the branding of Dairy Queen, for example, has changed at least once in your lifetime. Over the course of a brand's lifetime, it's common for a dozen or more overhauls. The evolution of stores is a fascinating glimpse into what these giant corporations think will keep them fresh - and how vastly different that idea can be from their often humble origins.

The old photos of retail stores below feature some of the earliest examples of the storefronts of popular fast-food chains, department stores, pharmacies, and more, contrasted with a far more familiar, recent examples. Some of these photos of stores then-and-now reveal some brands looked great right off the bat, like the 1960s take on Target's bullseye, while others, like Papa John's strip mall flagship, looked a little ramshackle. Pizza Hut, meanwhile ... well, you'll just have to see for yourself.