11 Haunting Photos Of Shadows Permanently Burned Into The Ground By The Hiroshima Nuclear Blast

The shadows at Hiroshima are a haunting reminder of the brutality of the bombing that occurred on August 6, 1945. A US B-29 bomber detonated a nuclear weapon on the city of Hiroshima, destroying much of the architecture and killing more than 70,000 people instantly. Miraculously, there were some survivors.

The intense heat of the atomic explosion caused what are called nuclear shadows. The blast changed the colors of surfaces like steps, walls, and pavement because of the UV radiation that was emitted. When things that were soon to be vaporized blocked whatever what was behind them, they didn't allow this UV color change to happen. And, as a result, outlines of people and objects incinerated in the bombing left haunting shadow imprints behind on such surfaces. 

Hiroshima shadow locations are found throughout the city, on everything from banks to temples. The shadows caused by atomic bombs are often the only remnants left of human beings. Those vaporized in the blast left imprints behind so the legacy of Hiroshima cannot be forgotten. Now, take a look at these Hiroshima pictures and see these shadows for yourself.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY