Engrossing And Somber Photos From US Presidential Funerals

Few things provide a more sobering reminder of fleeting mortality than the funerals of departed world leaders. While in office, leaders usually appear larger than life – capable of monumental action – but photos of US presidents' funerals emphasize that every leader, no matter how big or small, is still human. Pictures from US presidential funerals capture the somber gravity of a leader's passing, along with the various emotions it evokes from their families, their partners in government, and the millions of citizens they led. Not all presidents die the same way, and they definitely don't all receive the same funerals. These are largely determined beforehand by the president and his family. Some receive private ceremonies while others get a procession through the streets, mourners pouring out in the thousands to pay respects.

While memorable celebrity funerals remind people of a person's art, influence, and legacy, presidential funerals do that and more. US president funeral pictures take mourners back across the country's history, recalling their leader's time in office and what changed between their time in office and their death. Because of this, you could say a president's role continues onward long after he leaves both his office and this world.

Photo: Library of Congress/Corbis/VCG via Getty Images