27 Photos Of Innocent Cars That Have Been Mistreated By The Negligent Owners

Dentists and mechanics are two people we pay to make us feel guilty. And according to the posts on the subreddit r/justrolledintotheshop plenty of car owners have reason to feel that way. 

Photo: u/BrrnugT / Reddit
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  • Put It Out Of Its Misery

    Put It Out Of Its Misery
    Photo: u/BrrnugT / Reddit
  • The Most Bald Tire

    The Most Bald Tire
    Photo: u/BooteIs / Reddit
  • You Fixed My Car And I Hate It

    You Fixed My Car And I Hate It
    Photo: u/Kingtripz / Reddit
  • Nothing To See Here

    Nothing To See Here
    Photo: u/John-the-Revelator / Reddit
  • Those Gears Are Done

    Those Gears Are Done
    Photo: u/Schubaccca / Reddit
  • Under Pressure

    Under Pressure
    Photo: u/Vaultboy4111 / Reddit