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17 Awesome Photos That Defy The Laws of Physics

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The world general abides by, or is at least thwarted by, the laws of physics, but every now and then, pictures that defy physics arrive on the Internet as if out of thin air. Thanks to optical illusions, the perfect timing, and/or complicated physics rules the average person doesn't quite understand, photos that defy the laws of physics appear just as often as any other natural phenomena. You'd be surprised what you can accomplish with a Pringles can and a commitment to fighting gravity.

Take a look through these photos that defy scientific explanation, and see if your own head starts spinning from trying to figure them out. These unbelievable photos prove not only can you defy physics, you can Instagram your efforts too. In that case, is the impossible even possible if proof of it doesn't net a minimum of 20 likes?

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    Totally Stumped

    Photo: Pinterest
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    Pouring It On

    Photo: Pinterest
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    Go Home Physics, You're Drunk

    Photo: A Redditor / Reddit
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    What The Fork?

    Photo: Pinterest
    Does this defy physics?