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Eerie, Infamous Photos Purported To Show Real Aliens

Updated November 12, 2018 72k views15 items

While aliens appeared in all manner of sci-fi and sensationalism in the early 20th century, only after the Roswell incident did the world see a surge of photos that may contain aliens. Photographs of aliens always encounter skepticism, but to uncover the truth of the matter of extra terrestrial life requires people to study this photographic proof of alien life, and determine if the world's population remains largely unaware. Some of the alien pictures you’re about to see come from people who were abducted by aliens, while other photos came from whistleblowers telling their alien stories and dropping rime on the U.S. government's involvement with aliens.

These pictures that show extra terrestrials get super freaky, and the corroborating stories behind them get even freakier. But like alien abduction stories, these photos are best taken at face value. Prepare to go down the rabbit hole of a vast government conspiracy with these photos that may contain aliens.

  • UFO Crash Victim

    Photo: YouTube

    Every photo that's ever been released of a supposed UFO crash victim looks insane. Not just because it's of an alien, but because it's a creature that's been through intense trauma, and such is definitely the case with this poor soul.

    The most famous Roswell crash occurred in 1947 and the government allegedly took multiple alien life forms into a secret base; could this be one of those aliens? An alien from a similar incident? Or is it a hoax perpetrated by someone who excels at applying trauma makeup? 

  • Two Little Alien Men

    Photo: YouTube

    Yet another photo that comes from the Dulce Base in New Mexico where the greys and U.S. military worked alongside Reptilians in order to perform experiments on the human race. Philip Schneider, an explosive engineer who worked for the U.S. government, with high-level security clearance, claims that in 1979 he was working on the base when he came face to face with a grey, and accidentally started an intergalactic war. It's likely that this photo was taken prior to that incident. 

  • Lincoln National Forest Alien

    Photo: YouTube

    According to a news report out of Russia, a small alien creature was recovered from a downed UFO found near the Lincoln National Forest in New Mexico. The creature, found in 2016, was allegedly taken to a more secure location and photographed next to a group of soldiers. The alleged alien certainly looks like it's been in an accident, hopefully he was able to clean himself up. 

  • Alien Autopsy

    Photo: YouTube

    Released in 1995 by Ray Santilli, the footage from Alien Autopsy contained some incredibly harrowing footage of an extra terrestrial recovered from the 1947 UFO crash near Roswell, but was it real? The footage and photos supposedly arrived in Santilli's hands by an anonymous retired military officer. UFOlogists have combed over the footage and gone back-and-forth about whether or not the footage was faked or real.

    According to Santilli, much of the original footage he viewed fell to pieces, forcing him to recreate the scene, which someone supplied him in the early '90s. He also says that clips of the original autopsy also appear interspersed among the re-staged clips.