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17 Photos That Look Normal But Tug At Your Heartstrings Once You Read Their Backstory

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The saying "a picture says a thousand words" is often true, but sometimes a little more context can make seemingly normal photos into pictures that will cheer someone up. A normal graduation photo becomes a teary celebration of the first in a family to earn a masters degree, a guy posing with a pair of cops becomes a man celebrating with the men that found his stolen $150,000 prosthetic arm, and so on. These are some pictures that will make you feel good, especially after you know their backstory.

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    This Retired Truck Driver Got One Final Ride In A Big Rig In The Last Weeks Of His Life. His Hospice Nurse’s Husband, Also A Big Rig Driver, Gave It To Him

    Photo: Reddit
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    A Train Station In Japan Planned To Close Because Only One Person Used It, But Stayed Open Until That Person – A Student – Graduated High School

    Photo: Reddit
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    This Man Celebrated His Right To Vote After Not Being Able To For 30 Years While Sitting On Death Row For A Crime He Didn't Commit

    Photo: Reddit
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    This Woman Helped A Mother Calm Her Son On A Flight – Including Carrying The Sleeping Boy To Baggage Claim After The Flight Landed

    Photo: Reddit
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